“Court Counsel” – Enhancements

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming tennis season.  Juniors have middle and high school tennis, while adults have league competition.  I have three key components that can enhance your tennis game; mental, physical and equipment.

Mental – It’s starts with having the right attitude to your tennis game.  If you have not played in several months, or fixed your backhand, do not expect get results when first coming onto the courts.  Keep the first few times light. Do not expect to hit the same topspin forehand winner you hit last Fall.  Start slow, call a friend or the tennis shop to arrange a hitting session, ball machine or lessons.  Tennis should be fun, not stressful.

Physical – Tennis has evolved into a very physical sport.  Quick footwork, aggressive and more powerful strokes place a high demand on your body.  A structured workout program can drastically improve your tennis game by incorporating some cardio, weight training and stretching into your tennis routine.  Getting into playing shape this season can also add power and reduce your risk for injury.  Call Matt at the Fitness center to arrange session.

Equipment – This is the most overlooked aspect of the three components.  At the minimum, get a fresh restring and re-grip before the beginning of the season.  A new set of strings and grip will make you racket feel like new.  If your racket is more than 4 years old, consider a new frame.  The new high tech, light weight composite frames and multifilament strings can add more power and spin on your shots.

Add these three elements before you play your first match, and you will set yourself up for a successful tennis season!

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