Swimming Pool Rules

  • Swimming is only permitted during the club’s published hours of “Open Swim” and when a Lifeguard is on duty. [Exception, see Early Morning Adult Lap Swim below]
  • All members and pool guests of members are required to sign in and out at the pool check-in desk. Pool Snack Bar Dining Guests will not be required to check in.
  • The Aquatics Director has the discretion to deny use pending pool conditions.
  • Rescue equipment and Lifeguard chairs/stands are off limits to all persons except Lifeguards.
  • Wheeled recreational vehicles of any description are not allowed inside the fenced area, i.e., roller blades, skateboards and bikes.
  • Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children regardless of the age of such children.
  • All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter who will be responsible for the child’s safety and conduct. All babysitters must be 14 years of age or older.
  • Unsafe activities, such as running, wrestling, pushing or pulling others into the pool, snapping towels, etc. are prohibited.
  • A pool break will be called every hour, and will last approximately 10 minutes. During a pool break, only adults over the age of 18 are allowed in the pool.
  • The Aquatics Director and staff have the authority at all times to enforce the Swim and Pool rules of the club. Violations will be treated as follows:
    • Once aware of a violation, the Board will send a letter making the member aware that he or she has not complied with the rules. The letter will clearly state what action the Board will take (including what penalty, if any, will be imposed) if the member repeats the infraction. If the member violates the rule again, the action noted in the above letter will take place.
    • Article IV, Section II of the Club By-Laws outlines potential disciplinary options.
    • Lifeguards have the authority to eject any person from the pool when the Lifeguards, in their sole discretion, feel that such person is creating a serious risk of personal injury or property damage, or is deliberately violating the Swimming Pool or Diving Rules.
    • The Club reserves the right to immediately suspend persons who create or cause a serious risk of personal injury or property damage.

    • LIFEGUARDS DO NOT GUARD THE BABY POOL, therefore parents, guardians or babysitters MUST attend to their children in this pool.
    • The Baby Pool is for children 5 years of age or younger.
    • Youth Swim Tests – In order to swim in the main pool alone, children under the age of 10 must demonstrate their swimming ability by taking a swim test. The swim test consists of swimming 25 yards/meters of the pool without stopping or touching the sides or bottom. In addition, the swimmer must tread water for one minute.  Each swimmer’s name will be recorded upon successful completion.  Any child, regardless of age, may be denied access to the main pool when the Pool Staff feels such a child is not a qualified swimmer.
    • All children who have passed the Youth Swim Test will be given a band during each visit at the pool check-in desk.
    • Children under the age of 10 who have not qualified with the Lifeguard must have a supervising adult IN the pool with them AT ALL TIMES.
    • Flotation devices by non-swimmers are permitted in the pool ONLY when being used as personal swimming aids under the direct supervision by a caregiver and if they are Coast Guard certified.
      Extreme caution at all times is urged in use of the diving board.
    • Only one person may be on the board at a time.
    • Only one bounce on the board is allowed, except during diving classes.
    • Dive off the front of the board only.
    • No flotation devices are allowed off the diving board or in the diving area.
    • On completion of a dive, swimmers must immediately swim under the rope into the shallow end or exit at the nearest ladder.
    • A diver must wait until the previous diver has reached the side of the pool or exited the deep end before proceeding with his or her dive.
    • Children must pass the swim test prior to using the diving board, unless a parent is in the water to assist the child to the side.
      • One 15 second siren blast indicates an imminent lightning hazard.
      • All members and guests will be required to leave the main pool, baby pool and pool deck.
      • Three five second siren blasts indicate that the threat of imminent lightning has passed and it is safe to continue to return to the swimming pool and pool deck.
    • All members and guests using the pool and snack bar facilities will be required to sign in and out at the pool check-in desk.
    • All guests are limited to 2 visits per month per guest. An $8.00 guest fee will be charged to the member’s account.
    • All babysitters and nannies, regardless of whether or not they use the pool will be charged a daily guest fee of $8. Babysitters/Nannies may register for a summer pass (Memorial Day-Labor Day) in the main office for a $75 fee. All nannies or baby sitters must 14 years of age or older.
    • Members with relatives outside of a 30-mile radius will not be charged a guest fee. Members will not be charged for grandchildren.
    • Accompanied grandchildren of members shall be granted unlimited use of the pool facility. Members will not be charged daily guest fees for grandchildren.
    • Early Morning Adult Lap-Swim. Early morning adult lap swim is permitted during the published hours of operation and without a lifeguard under the following guidelines:
    • Each member participating in early morning adult lap swim shall be at least 18 years of age must sign in at the pool check-in desk prior to entering the pool.
    • Each member must sign an early morning adult lap swim waiver ANNUALLY.
    • Guests are not allowed to participate in the early morning adult lap swim.
    • Arrangements for private swim lessons may be made by calling the Club Front Desk at 336.584.0345. A fee of $30 will be applied for each half-hour lesson.
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